This is just a temporary site.

2018-04-15 Update: Still working on getting income to be able to reinvest into building the site. It's not quick, but it's getting there. People enjoy the Gopher Plush, so will continue selling that and add more physical products as soon as I can.

2017-06-12 Update: Finally! The Gopher plush is now available! By buying this, you will support this site as the income from the Gopher Plush will go to investing into this site! Go to GolangMarket Gopher Plush Store and get one or two... :)

2017-02-15 Update: This is still alive. :) This cute Gopher plush is on it's way: https://www.reddit.com/r/golang/comments/5npdzx/practical_golang_gopher_plush/. Initially the idea was to do this plush later, but I figured it might be a good thing to have so it could help out to support the site. Work on site is ongoing, and someone also offered to help out, which is very cool.

2016-07-27 Update: Yes, site is still on it's way. Don't worry about that. :) Once it is up, it will be more activly developed. You are totally welcome to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

2016-03-28 Update: I apologize for it taking time here. I can see there are visitors to the site, eventhough I'm not activly marketing the site. I'm actually not sure how people find the site, but don't worry. I'm working on the site. It will be basic, but the goal is that the site will be usable when I open it up.

I'm quite excited myself to see what people will create here!

The main site is underway, and feel free to reach out. When the site is ready, I will look for people that want to come in early and help us out with what the site should be like. Early users will also have extra benefits, just because they are early and helping out!

It would also be a good idea to start to think of smart things to create in Go that people would love to pay for. This site is suppose to help us all. Creators will get income, and buyers will save so much time!

Oh, and of course this site is made in Go! :)


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Gopher made by inspiration from Renee French's design The Go Gopher.
Large Gopher made by Takuya Ueda and rendered from gopher-3d model. Using Creative Commons 3.0 Attributions license.